Salford’s Almost Famous Theatre Company is gearing up for this week’s musical production of Legally Blonde.

The title Legally Blonde is a play on words from the term “legally blind” and the musical is adapted from the book by Amanda Brown.

The musical tells the story of Elle Woods, who pursues a career in law at Harvard to win back her former partner.

Judged on her appearance over intellect, the story is about how Elle pushes back against gender stereotypes and demonstrates that someone can have intelligence, as well as looks.

Tickets are selling at £9 with the event taking place at New Adelphi Theatre (Salford University campus) at 7:30pm on the 28th February-2nd March 2019.

Director, Courtney Tunnicliffe, explains how Legally Blonde was the ideal musical for Almost Famous to produce.

“Legally Blonde is already a musical and there’s lots of similarities from the film and the musical. Obviously it’s a lot more dramatised and adapted for music and for stage. I do feel it works better as a musical because I feel it allows you to see the characters’ emotions and give more back-story for them as well.”

Courtney believes the show is ideal for all age groups.

“I’d say its a family show as well. It probably appeals to a lot of ages as there are a lot of varied ages in the show. Obviously the sorority girls are a bit younger and the teachers who are older. So, it’s for all ages.”

As director, Courtney also discussed how the producers and cast worked together to achieve the final output.

“We’ll go through the script, take our creative visions, come in and put them across to the actors. We’ll say try it this way or try it that way and see what works. Then try to get what you see in your head onto the stage.”

“It’s quite a fun process actually, having what’s in your head and putting it onto stage. It’s fun to see it all come to life.”

Whilst, Courtney fully believes Legally Blonde is all set for their three live performances.

“I’m confident for the show itself. We have a good production team who have put together a good set, costume and props so we’re at a strong point to put on a good show.”

Libby Goodman, vocal coach, is also confident.

“My job is to teach everyone the different harmonies in the songs. I feel the better the singing is within the songs, the better the lyrics is to get across to the audience.”

Faced with playing the character Brooke as well as vocal coaching, Libby explained the pressures of performing dual roles within the set.

“I did find it challenging at the same time because I’ve got a main part in the second half. I have to spend a lot of time teaching vocals, which is good I have an assistant because I have to be taken off to do my song and my scenes. Which means someone else can take over. So, its quite difficult juggling two things but its okay.”

Also, part of the cast is Hannah Saks who plays Margot, one of the main female characters. Hannah describes her part in the show and how much she’s enjoyed working on the set.

“Legally Blonde The Musical is different to the film in a way that there’s music! It’s full of songs that support the narrative that obviously the film doesn’t have but the characters are exactly the same and so is the basic story line.”

“Margot is one of the three girls who are basically Elle’s entourage. She looks up to her as an icon and is there to support every decision she makes. Margot herself is very ditsy and is predominately there to give comedic value – she’s very funny but hasn’t got a clue what’s going on most of the time!”

Hannah sees the show as the perfect blend of comedy and musical.

“If you have a sense of humour and like a bit of a sing-song and a dance then Legally is definitely for you. Its girly and fun with some really hilarious moments that everyone can appreciate. It’s a proper feel-good. I think everyone would enjoy it.”

After weeks and months of hard work and practising, Hannah explains how everyone has banded together to make the production of Legally Blonde an enjoyable experience.

“The rehearsals for Legally have been very intense. There’s so much to learn in a short space of time so our team of Choreographers, Vocal Coaches and Directors have been amazing. We all get on well which makes rehearsals 100 times more fun and it’s turned into a little family for me, so it is lovely. But its a lot of hard work.”

In terms of Hannah’s favourite character, she adores Elle Woods and her love story element.

“My favourite character in Legally Blonde is definitely Elle Woods. She’s relatable to most girls who have been in love before and I can’t help but love her, even when she’s being completely ridiculous! It might be a cliche as she is the main part but she is definitely my favourite.”

Photo copyright of James Spencer

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