Photo credit: Urban Splash

Several urban developments in Salford have been shortlisted for a housing pioneer project of 2019, recognising innovative design methods.

Urban Splash, a Manchester-born company whose activities mainly gravitate around regenerating decaying old working and living quarters, have become finalists for their innovative project based in several locations in Manchester, including Salford’s Irwell Riverside.

‘House by US’ is designed in collaboration with Liverpool-based architects shedkm and allows residents to design their own home layout.

Leanne Jones, a spokesperson for Urban Splash, said: “We know that customers don’t want identikit red boxes. Crucially, individual specifications are deliverable in a factory environment.”

Ms Jones added: “Irwell Riverside was a good location for us as it’s in such close proximity to the Manchester City centre – and the Salford and Victoria train stations.

“We wanted to create urban family homes, houses for families perhaps who’d otherwise have to leave the city centre for the suburbs.”

The ‘House by US’ project is competing against other shortlisted contenders in The Offsite Construction Awards, which is an event that showcases and rewards examples of new cost-effective and sustainable architectural trends.

The awards also celebrate the better built environment and the increasing adoption of modular construction by the housing industry. The final is in London on the fifth of March.

If Urban Splash manages to win the title, Irwell Riverside among New Islington, Smith’s Dock in North Shields and several other locations that are home to the “House by US” project, could be the pioneers of a new architectural mainstream.


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