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Salford-based CP North West are celebrating their first major success after winning the National Cerebral Palsy Football Cup on February 23.

The team only played their first game in October but have already won their first trophy.

The cup competition was an all day event that took place at Nottingham University, consisting of league teams made up from the nationwide CP division.

Jamie Pratt, the manager of CP North West, said: “The team was brought together from established friendships and playing relationships of old.

“So far it has presented many challenges as we adapt to roles combining playing and day to day running of the club.”

They began with very few players, all with varying levels of experience.

CP Sport, which runs the CP football league, are an organisation that allows those affected by cerebral palsy to still enjoy the sports they love.

The condition can bring about difficulties for daily living, which can make playing sport a lot more challenging.



Whilst victory for the side was a fantastic achievement, Mr Pratt was just happy to see his players playing with a smile on their faces.

He said: “The best thing is to see the players enjoying themselves with these victories. It’s all the more sweeter with all the effort we have put into running the club.

“We’ve had a few struggles, injuries being one and sometimes players simply not being available due to work commitments, but we’ve managed to maintain a high standard throughout.”

Mr Pratt thinks this is just the beginning and hopes for further scope within the sport.

He said: “Opportunities are slowly increasing in disability sport, it’s just all about making potential players aware of what we do and who we are.

“We are always looking to recruit new players.”

Anyone who is 16 or older and wishing to join the CP North West should contact the team through Twitter or alternatively contact Mr Pratt directly on his email: jamie.pratt@outlook.com

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