The Langworthy Cornerstone has opened up its arts walls for new or potentially unrecognised Salford artists looking to present their work.

For artists often finding it hard to get a break in the profession, the exhibition comes as an opportunity for those starting out or unsure about the best way to get noticed.

A collection of local art

David E. Norris, Chairman of Salford Art Club, stated: “There are a lot of talented artists in Salford but they don’t all have the nous to organise an exhibition of their work for themselves.”

This Cornerstone isn’t a stranger to giving Salford artists opportunities either. Back in 2016 the multi-purpose centre played host to the “From the Art of Salford at the Cornerstone” exhibition, which saw almost twenty artists from the area display and sell their creations.

The Langworthy Cornerstone is open from Monday to Friday 08:00- 20:30. The art is free to view and is located on the second floor.

All images credited to Nick Brien

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