G-Festival will be taking place at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club this year on May 5 to raise money for Georgia’s Children of the World charity and is for all the family to enjoy.

It is Salford’s biggest festival and will offer a range of entertainment, crafts and food to visitors.

The director of Worsley Creative, Pamela Rae-Eilish has said: “The festival has moved to a bigger location and is expecting to have an attendance of 5,000.”

This year the festival will include the Manchester Maker’s Market, which will offer a range of artisan crafts and food.

There will also be various acts performing across the festival, including a Bruno Mars tribute act.

The festival was previously held at a different location of The Ellesmere Sport Club and has attracted thousands of guests over the years.

The designated charity is Georgia’s Children of the World, which supports children in Salford and across the world.

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The charity was created in memory of Georgia Murray, a girl born with a complicated heart condition, who lived a full and active life helping others.

She developed complications in her third open heart operation and she died aged 19 in November 2010.

The charity have successfully honoured her name by placing over 90 children into state schools, providing them with transport uniforms and books, and by holding workshops such as sewing classes for older teenagers in order to proivde school uniforms for younger students.

For more information on the Georgia’s Children of the World check out their official website.

For more information on G Festival check out their official website.

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