Salford wellness centre Transcend Therapies is celebrating its one-year anniversary this week.

Transcend Therapies first opened its doors last March, offering well-being support to the community.

The directors, Paul Still and Randeep Assi, first developed their vision after meeting through therapy sessions and realising the lack of well-being studios in the area.

Paul said: “In the area of Manchester that we are, there’s not many well-being centres where people can come and feel included, secure and safe. And to explore both their physical and emotional well-being.”

The centre, based in Monton Village, Eccles, offer a range of classes, events and workshops throughout the week.

With a motto of “therapy for all,” Paul and Radeep set out to create a safe environment with no place for discrimination.

Paul said: “You leave ego at the door really. There’s no such thing as skin colour, sexuality, sex. You’re not a man or a woman. You won’t be discriminated against in any way.”

The centre hosts specialist classes for people in all situations including autism friendly yoga, menopause support group and Ageless Grace.

It was also important for Paul and Randeep to be able to provide support for people with all different financial incomes and work with the big lottery fund to help support this.

Paul said: “Sometimes the well-being community can be almost elusive and exclusive. Social media has kind of created an image of well-being that almost seems to be untouchable […] for the people who have money and that’s not true.”

Over the past year Paul and Randeep have been able to work with a variety of people, and now have plans to provide wellness support for an even more diverse group of people.

He said: “We are going to create a group for women of colour, a male support group. There’s a bit of a gap for teens as well […] that’s when we really need to engage people, so we’re going to bring in somethings for them during the summer.”

The directors are now celebrating the successful year they have had since opening Transcend therapies.

Paul said: “It’s been fantastic really! We’ve met some amazing people and had some fantastic feedback. Being in the space people have said ‘yeah i feel better from just being here’.”



The pair are now looking forward to how they can expand Transcend Therapies in the future.

Paul said: “It’s all about planting seeds of well-being in people and nurturing them to grow. We want to reach more people and to engage more people […] so they’re comfortable with their own well being.”

To find out more about Transcend Therapies you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also visit their website.

Photo credit: Transcend Therapies Facebook.

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  1. way to be the change you want to see in this world. way to go Paulo!! way to go!!!

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