The managing director at Molde FK, Øystein Neerland, has told Salford Now that he expects Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær to return to his former club when the Premier League season finishes.

“I think he is coming back,” says Neerland.

After Manchester United paid Molde a £2 million compensation in December for Solskjær’s services until the end of the season, the initial deal between the clubs was that Solskjær would return to Molde after the Premier League season finishes.

However, earlier this week, the former United striker revealed in Fotballklubben, a Norwegian football podcast, that he believes he is not under contract at Molde FK anymore.

“I am not totally sure how it works. I think my contract has expired and that I now only have a contract with Manchester United. I think a new contract would be needed there (at Molde),” said Solskjær.

Molde’s managing director Neerland explains Solskjær’s contract situation like this: “He is under contract at Manchester United, but the plan is that he is coming back in the summer.”

When asked whether Solskjær and Molde have a gentleman’s agreement that he will return to Norway, Neerland says: “I have nothing to add to that.”

He also denies that Molde and Manchester United have regular conversations about Solskjær’s future.

“What they think at United, I do not have an opinion on. We need to focus on Molde FK at this time,” concludes Solskjær’s former boss.

Nevland: “He has to stay”

Erik Nevland is a former team-mate of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, both at Manchester United and for Norway’s national team. He spoke to Salford Now about what he thinks about the Solskjaer situation.

Lukaku: “I know he is going to stay”

Neerland’s comments are in strong contrast to the belief in England that Solskjær will remain at United. Following excellent results, including last night’s Champions League comeback against PSG former team-mates Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand believes it is only a question of time before Solskjær’s contract at United becomes permanent.

As well, on-form United striker Romelu Lukaku, who netted two in Paris, told Norwegian TV that he is certain his manager will remain at the Theatre of Dreams.

“I know he is going to stay. There is no doubt about that, you know. He wants to stay, the players want him to stay. We’re doing really well, we’re playing like United should play,” said Lukaku.

Whether Ole Gunnar Solskjær will return to Molde or stay at Manchester United remains to be seen. Although, there is no doubt that United fans are happy with Ole at the wheel.

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