Salford Community Fire Station is losing fire engines in an attempt to save up to £10 million this year. 

A number of cuts are being made to the Greater Manchester fire department, including closures of six stations to reduce to three and re-locate to more convenient areas. Up to 113 support workers could also be made redundant due to the cuts.

Irlam will specifically be affected, with the on-call firefighters now losing three members, reducing them down to nine for the whole area along with six other stations.

Another cut is to reduce the number of fighters on each vehicle. A five-member crew will be reduced to four. This has been justified by management saying that in the UK each vehicle only carries an average of four people in practice.

Greater Manchester Fire Service also claims that although response time will increase by ten seconds,  GMFRS is already one minute and 15 seconds faster than the.UK’s national average.

The closures and reductions follow a widely-reported incident in Walkden in 2017, which caused four children’s death in a petrol bomb attack on their home.

Other Salford stations such as Agecroft, Broughton and Eccles have not been reported to be affected.

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Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service asks the public never to call a local fire station or use social media to report a fire emergency, and always to dial 999. 

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