The Daily Mile, a  free 15-minute classroom initiative which aims to increase concentration and improve overall health and wellbeing, is inviting Salford schools to sign up.

The Daily Mile programme encourages pupils of both pre-school and primary school level to run for 15 minutes a day during classroom time chosen by the teacher. This initiative is designed to improve children’s overall health and wellbeing along with their fitness levels, social skills, and emotional development.

Founder Elaine Wylie believes levels of poor mental health among young children make the programme particularly important.

She said: “The physical and mental health of our children continues to be of real concern. The problems have crept up on us and are now so serious that immediate action is needed.”

The programme requires little to no effort besides enthusiastic and willing teachers to join in on the fun. There is no necessity for running tracks, equipment or specialist skills or training.

Dean Gilmore, partnership development manager for school partnerships in Salford, said some schools have already embraced the scheme since Ms Wylie gave a talk in January 2017. However, he urges more schools to join the programme.

He said: “The Daily Mile is a simple way for schools to encourage regular exercise and help boost not only fitness but performance in class.

“Schools that regularly do the Daily Mile are also reaping other rewards, noticing that pupils are enjoying the opportunity to engage informally and socially. Pupils are also setting themselves targets, but the simplicity of the Daily Mile means each child can achieve their own personal target in a supportive environment.”


Forty-four schools in the Salford area are now signed up to the Daily Mile programme which covers more than 9,000 children.

Mr Gilmore stressed the importance of the programme and its relevance today more than ever due to the modern world and its temptations to remain idle.

He said: “It is vital that young people have as many opportunities to be active as possible in a world that makes it easy to engage in sedentary behaviour.”

For more information on The Daily Mile challenge and how to get your school to sign up Click HERE.

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