Writer Adam Farrer begins his new role as writer in residence for Peel Park, Salford, this week. 

Farrer plans to document a year in the life of Peel Park across the four seasons beginning this Spring.

He said: “I’ll write some essays and short stories inspired by the park per season and also do weekly diary entries documenting the life of the park.”

He has lived in Salford for 22 years and spends his free time at work wandering around the park, initially as a way of getting fit but soon found inspiration for his writing.

Mr Farrer claims he has visited Peel Park everyday since it got lottery funding. He describes the park as a personal sanctuary.

He said: “I do several loops of the park and see lots of things, overhear lots of stuff.

“I got bitten by a dog, someone tried to hit me while they were on their bike, I stood on the bank down here next to a heron.

“I was experiencing lots of little things and I thought ‘there’s something worth writing about here’. So I decided to put myself forward to the Friends of Peel Park and they endorsed me to do it.”

Mr Farrer hopes to bring awareness to the historic park with this new role. He said: “To find a place like this it’s kind of an oasis really and no one really comes here.

“It’s sad that there aren’t as many people using the park as there could be. So I thought if I wrote about it, helped spread the word, encourage people to come here then it would be a good thing for everyone.”

He also talked about his connections to the park.

He said: “It’s the first time I’ve done something like this because I normally write what’s called creative non-fiction.

“I write true stories about my own life and various situations I’ve been in. I’ve been honing my skills doing that stuff but purely writing about my own life.

“So this is the first time I’ve written about a particular location and what goes on in it and the people who inhabit the park.”

His group The Real Story publishes creative non-fiction and essays. It is hosting an event on March 29 at the King’s Arms, Salford, showcasing the work of emerging writers.


  1. Have they slated over the flowerbed at the front ?.. if so, why ?

  2. If you are the resident writer for Peel Park, then can you tell me why you haven’t wrote anything since March?
    I’d like to know a few things about the park and hopefully you will be able to tell me.
    Is the park is for local residents of Salford as well as for the students? I love walking the park of an evening and have seen many foxes, a couple of badgers and even deer, but where can I park my car? There is no parking and the parking that is there has been taken over by the University. I’d like people to be able to park their cars and be able to walk their dogs and play with their children.
    I would also like to know why there is fencing on the park which is taking up half of the football and rugby pitches and blocking off access to the woods?
    No notice given saying work is commencing, no notice saying what work is being done and no notice to say when work will be completed.
    It was good that the council made the oath at the side of the river tarmacked, but why didn’t they make one through the wooded area. It’s a lovely walk through the woods, but when the council drive their vehicles down the path they churn it up and leave it a muddy mess.
    It would be nice to get answers to the questions. I have looked online and can get no information.

    Ian Keeling

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