Sports Partnership Active Future are bringing a Fornite and Nerf themed camp to Salford this Easter. 

In an act to get children outside and active, all new Fortnite camp aims to host themed outdoor activities to ensure that the Salford youth aren’t spending their Easter breaks behind computer screens.

The games included at the camp will be using a collection of Nerf Guns as well as soft balls and bean bags, with some of the games requiring teams, allowing children to work in groups and improve on team building skills.

The camp will also have a few classic games for the children to play such as hide and seek and bulldog to get them running around.

Funds are also being raised by the camp in order to donate to the National Autistic Society and any money raised from the children’s tuck shops will be going towards Salford food banks.

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Fortnite is a free interactive online game that was created in 2017 and has been nominated twice in the upcoming 15th British Academy Games Awards.

The game is visited by roughly 8.3 million players per day and has an estimate of around 250 million worldwide players.

The camp follows controversy surrounding the game, with a flood of complaints recently coming in from parents about the newest update- which includes new aggressive game play despite it’s 12 rated certificate.

All games at the camp will be monitored by an adult and suitable for young children to participate.

Although most online games of Fortnite last up to 20 minutes, certain parental controls give guardians the ability to monitor the length of gaming sessions. Yet another scheme to encourage children to spend a limited time behind a computer screen.

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Camp begins next week on Thursday April 11th and lasts from 10am to 3pm.

General age ranges from the camp vary between 6-12 but younger children can be included.

Tickets are £20 each for a full camp day and for an extra £7.50 a Fortnite T-Shirt.

There are 30 places within the camp and guaranteed positions are subject to availability.

Tickets are available from here. 

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