The Salford based music festival Sounds From The Other City, held their festival for the 15th year running last Sunday, 5th May 2019 for the bank holiday, held at the Regent Trading Estate, Oldfield Rd.

According to the Sounds From The Other City website, 81% of the festival audience said last year’s festival was ‘biggest, hottest and best festival yet’.

The 2019 line up consisted of a range of different acts from all across the world.



Every year the festival accepts people to volunteer – and people took to Twitter to describe their experiences. To keep an eye on the volunteering applications for next year, click here.

The festival bars ran out of beer by 9 PM as enough beer was not ordered. This apparently caused ‘outrage’. However, more beer was ordered and brought in to keep the customers happy for the rest of the night. The doors opened at 2 PM with the last entry at 9 PM.

Festival-goers seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves according to tweets on Twitter.

The festival will take place again next year as the festival page states through a Facebook post: “We’ll see you again in 2020”.

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