Following the success on Love on the Dole in 2016, Salford Community Theatre is performing a play about the history of the Salford Docks.

The play, Salford Docker, explores life in Ordsall in the 1950s and 1970s and looks into the lives of families who work on the docks and the experiences they have when they decide to go on strike.

Salford Docker play-write, Sarah Weston, explores different backgrounds and different races whilst telling the story of the docks.

Zac and Deloris, two actors in the play, talked about what the play means for them. Zac said: “We know about the docks and how important they are in Salford, I remember them as a kid.”

Deloris spoke about how the docks affected her family: “My dad was a docker and I remember having sugar when nobody else did.

I remember all the sounds of the docks and walking past them everyday.”

The history of the docks is spoken through actualities by members of the cast throughout the show.

The play is a promenade show which means the audience move with the actors around the stage to see everything the show has to offer. Seated tickets are also available for those who struggle standing for long periods of time.

With the play now being less than a week away, Zac added what he thought of Salford Community Theatre: “Its a very laid back atmosphere and its like a big family.

We all have a laugh I can’t wait for it all to come together.”

Here is a sneak peak of rehearsals:

Purchase your tickets here for Salford Docker that takes place at The Lighthouse Venue, Eccles.

For more information visit the Salford Docker Website

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