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A Salford car garage, which focuses on assisting ex-service men and women who struggle to adjust to post-war life, is heading for expansion.

The organisation has already made huge strides in the local area and beyond. However, they have no plans of taking their foot off the accelerator just yet.

The Veteran’s Garage, based at the UK’s oldest airport, was originally founded back in 2016 by Dan Redshaw and his father after a war-related incident occurred close to home.

“It’s my younger brother who we started it for,” Dan explained. “He lost his friend in Afghanistan. [His brother] wasn’t physically injured, but he was mentally.”

After his brother returned from tour, Dan tried to find him the help he needed but found that it fell short of providing the support.

“I took him round Breakfast clubs for four hours on a Saturday morning and after that there wasn’t much. So it’s a project we looked at starting.”

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a well-known consequence of serving in the armed forces. However it can also occur with anyone who has experienced an extremely traumatic experience.

Madison Radford

One of the Veteran’s Garage’s goals for the near future is to not only accommodate for ex-service men and women, but also the ‘blue lights’ as well (police, fire and ambulance services).

“Its a big social inclusion exercise really, whether its civilian or veteran.”

On top of this, Dan and his father have also been discussing the possibility of building a fully functional car garage and smokehouse bar and grill on site.

“We’re just going through the last stages of planning… just waiting for that green light now which we’re hoping will be before next year.”

In the meantime, the Veteran’s Garage is still being used by the world of motor vehicles from Salford and further afield. On the first Sunday of every month the American Auto Club North West use the site as the venue for their car show. Their chairman, Hugh Lewis, comes from Denbigh in North Wales but believes that the location is worth the hour and a half journey.

“You just cannot find places. Nowhere wants a car club anymore… We were really lucky to get in with these guys here.”

Vintage cars at the Veteran's Garage
Owen Widdowson

“It’s a really interesting place to come to,” Hugh continued. “Supporting the veterans like this… there’s nothing quite as worthwhile.”

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