Megan Rouse was working for the tour operator when they were forced into liquidation in late September and is now facing troubles buying her family gifts at Christmas if she cannot find a new job soon.

Miss Rouse, a Salford resident, says paying bills isn’t worrying her as she has support from her family, but is concerned about the upcoming holiday season, as she wants to be able to treat her family.

She says: “I’m not worried about bills, it’s just with Christmas coming up as well isn’t it. Like I say, because I’ve got family, it’s still worrying because you still want to get presents for everyone”.

Since returning to the UK, Miss Rouse is being proactive in looking for a new job, telling Salford Now that she “needs to earn her own salary”.

A Salford local, Rouse says she is getting ready to move to Leeds with her partner, however their plans have had to be moved forward due to the drastic change in her employment.

However, the former holiday rep has remained calm and taken redundancy in her stride.

She says:

“I’m feeling positive about getting a job, I’m only young and there’s loads of jobs out there.

“I can’t just think of the negative that I’ve lost my job because it’s done now. It’s sad but it’s done, and I can’t change it” Rouse continued.

The Salford resident was working as a holiday entertainer in Portugal when she found out the company that she worked for no longer existed.

Mrs Rouse, who had worked for the company for just over 2 years, was one of around 21,000 Thomas Cook employees who was left unaware of their employment situation after waking up to hear the news.

Speaking of how she heard, Rouse said:

“I found out on social media…it was in the middle of the night and our managers couldn’t tell us in the middle of the night that we’d lost our jobs basically.

“My friends were messaging me in the morning because I was their team leader. They were just like ‘What’s happening? Are we going to work? Do we still have a job?’ and I didn’t even know myself” she continued.

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