Salford based brewery ‘Seven Bro7hers‘ have been named as finalists for two awards at the upcoming 2019 Salford business awards.

The Salford born brewers have been nominated for the ‘Business of the year award’ along with the ‘innovation award.’

The brewery was established in 2014 and has been rapidly growing ever since. One of the brothers, Keith McAvoy, said:

“In that time (since 2014) we have doubled our brewing capabilities from 10 barrels to 20 barrels and increased our brewing capacity from 10,000 litres to 65,000 litres.

“So we’re going pretty quickly and we are growing just as quick now!”

It seems very much a family business and that is reinforced by their inspiration for starting the brewery in 2014:

“We all kind of grew up making beer with our Dad.”

They are very specific about the type of awards that they are interested in but this one in particular was of interest to the brewery with Keith describing it as “legitimate”. It is not the first award that they have been up for, however the others have been for the actual product rather than the business itself.

The TalkTalk sponsored 2019 Salford business awards take place at The Lowry Hotel on Thursday the 31st of October and the brothers are very much looking forward to the event:

“We’re looking forward to the actual event itself, we would love to win it but we’ll have to wait and see!”

It is clear that to be nominated for a the Salford business awards is a huge source of pride, when asked about what it meant to be finalists Keith replied:

“It means a lot, we’re all Salford born and bred and I would say that the vast majority, probably 98% of the people who work for us are from Salford.”

The rise of the brewery has been extremely impressive and it is expanding all of the time as they have to keep up with the increasing demand, they opened their first beerhouse in December 2016 but it is clear that the brothers are only just getting started. Keith told me that they are planning to open a further eight beerhouses by the end of 2022.

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