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London based band ‘The Fierce and the Dead’ talk about their show at The Eagle Inn in Salford.

The show will be the band’s first headline performance outside of London as they work on their new album.

The psychedelic instrumental band made up by, Kevin Feazey, Matt Stevens, Steve Cleaton and Stuart Marshall, are launching their new album, ‘Live USA 17’ at the show, which has already sold out.

Kevin Feazey, who plays the bass and keyboard for the band, spoke to Salford Now about why they chose Salford as their first headline show outside of London.

“We’re launching our new live album at this show and wanted to go somewhere outside of London. We played in Salford a long time ago when we were starting out and have always had people asking us to come back, so we decided to head north.”

The Fierce and the Dead’s 2018 album ‘The Euphoric’ won Classic Rock Magazine’s prog album of the year in 2018, and brought a new wave of interest in the band. Feazey told us he was impressed that the show had sold out in advance and told us how much the band enjoy playing around the country.

“We’re very lucky to be able to travel so far from where we live and still have an audience.

There’s a lot of crossover from when we’ve played at festivals too, so we expect to see a few familiar faces. We try to get out and about as much as possible and that’s definitely something we’ll be doing more of.”

The Band’s new album, ‘Live USA 17’ features live recordings of songs from various past albums, recorded at RoSfest in the USA.

Feazey said that Saturdays’ show would feature a range of songs from throughout The Fierce and the Dead’s discography including last year’s award winning ‘The Euphoric’.

“We’re going to be playing for an hour or so and we’ll include something from every album and EP. It’s great to be able to have a pool of music to pull from.”

Feazey also confirmed that work has begun on a fourth album, saying; “There’s plenty in the pipeline” and teased that new material might make an appearance on Saturday.

The venue for Saturdays show, The Eagle Inn on Collier Street, converted an empty house next door into an 80 capacity venue in 2014, and is certainly unique.

“We love playing the small shows. It’s great when everyone is there right in front of you. It feels inclusive and joyous when everyone is having a good time. We look forward to it.”

For more information visit their website.

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