Wave-Field, a Canadian company that “encourages interpersonal relationships with strangers”, will take up residence at MediaCityUK this December.

The interactive exhibition is made up of a series of seesaws, which are dimly lit and emit a low sound when not in use.

Through interaction, the see-saws create an orchestra of sound and light.

Each see-saw features a unique soundscape and with every rise and fall, a new sound is discovered.

Wave-Field intends to make art accessible to all through the playful nature of their work, and to encourage encounters between strangers, friends and family.

With Canadian designers from Lateral Office and CS Design, and a soundscape by Toronto composer Mitchell Akiyama, Wave-Field has travelled the world.

The annual Lightwaves festival at Salford Quays will be its final stop, from Friday 6th December to Sunday 15th December 2019.

QuaysCulture produces the Lightwaves festival consisting of new and existing digital light art from local, national and international artists.

The annual light festival is free to attend, and welcomes visitors of all ages to see Salford Quays transformed by a collection of playful light installations.

Featured image credit: Wave-Field/Quays Culture/Mason Williams

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