Residents local to Cadishead Park have found a significant increase in the amount of litter including broken glass and discarded clothes.

Located on Liverpool Road, the park is supposed to be an environment for play and exploration for local residents of all ages to enjoy.

Cadishead park’s facilities include a bowling green, car park, children’s play area, sandpit and skate park. All of these pieces of rubbish, broken glass or discarded clothes can be found.

Hayley Doyle, a local resident, said:

“I probably make a visit to the park once a week at least, and today is the worst I have seen it with litter; it is really bad today”.

Litter has become a growing problem in the UK, with the amount of litter being dropped each year increasing by 500% since the 1960’s.



Ms Doyle, who has a two-year-old son said:

“I’m thinking today, you don’t want to come back with a two-year-old.

“It just looks scruffy because it has not been looked after”.

Ms Doyle also said:

“The sand pit area is a danger for my little boy to go in it, when it is supposed to be such a nice thing for him instead I just find litter

“I am quite worried about what he is going to pick up to be honest

“I personally would say this one is one of the worst parks, you do still get litter like in Irlam park but that does seem to be more looked after than this.

“Today it has made me feel like I don’t want to come back because it is just awful really isn’t it”.

Salford City Council responded to criticism on twitter and said that the problem had been reported to the grounds maintenance team.

Local residents Shelia and Dawn Ellis added: “I have seen the council here on a Saturday morning cleaning the bins”.

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  1. Sharon Piggin

    This is such a shame as I know this park is regularly litter picked by residents of Cadishead as well as Community Litter Picks which happen monthly. Cadishead Park is loved by the majority of the community but sadly not by all it seems. Volunteers keep litter picking please and dont be put off. Hopefully more people will volunteer for the next community litter pick.

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