The Salford born brewery Seven Bro7hers took home bronze at the North West Society of Independent Brewers Awards for their Sling It Out Stout beer.

Facing tough competition from various breweries in the region, the company came third with their unique, Coco Pops flavoured beer.

The CEO of Seven Bro7hers, Keith McAvoy spoke of how he felt about the achievement.

“We are really pleased to give our beers an accreditation like this.

“It’s all about brand building and anything we can do to back up the quality produce that we put out there, we’re all for it.”

The award winning Sling It Stout beer beside the certificate. Credit: Ben Houghton

To create the signature Sling It Out Stout product, the company teamed up with Kelloggs, making use of unused Coco Pops waste which don’t make it into the cereal boxes for various reasons such as, colour or shape.

McAvoy spoke of how the partnership came about. “They were looking for ways in reducing food waste and they approached us to see if we could actually use this in the brewing process.

“We use about 80kg of cereal that goes into the brewing process and comes out with this delicious chocolaty taste.”

Source: Seven Bro7hers

The desire for Kelloggs to reduce foot waste is also shared by Seven Bro7hers. McAvoy stressed that the brewery is “striving to become as environmentally friendly as possible, looking for ways of using renewable energies in the brewing process, so that issue is just as important as being unique.”

The company name comes from a group of seven brothers and four sisters who decided to create a brewery to follow in their dad’s footsteps of making beer. McAvoy said, “our journey started as kids, we would all help dad making home-brew and as we grew up some of us took it up more seriously.

“Dad was making these weird and wonderful recipes just as we are now.”

Credit: Ben Houghton

Having also been nominated for Salford Business of The Year, in the Innovation Category, the community is at the heart of everything that the company does. “Everything that we do is all about the community.

“The beer is almost secondary to everything that we do, it’s just the glue that knits everything together. It’s all about community, family and being open and inclusive.”

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