Alfie Perkins, 19-years-old, has escaped a prison sentence and been fined £350 after sending distasteful tweets about the tragic death of Premier League footballer Jack Grealish’s brother in March, according to Birmingham Live.

Perkins, an accountancy and finance student at the University of Salford, made references to Keelan Grealish, younger brother of Jack, during Aston Villa’s derby match against Birmingham City in the highly contested Sky Bet Championship clash earlier this year.

Credit: Alfie Perkins Facebook


The court heard Perkins had been consuming alcohol from 7am that morning and posted the tweets minutes after a fan attacked Grealish on the pitch during the derby.

Directly after leaving Birmingham Magistrates Court, Perkins was pictured smiling as he boasted about avoiding jail time on social media.

Perkins posted: “I regret all of it but she says this like nobody would be smiling after being faced with the prospect of prison and the end result being only having to pay £350. Wallop.”

Prosecuting barrister Simon Brownsey told the court there was ‘no dispute’ that Perkins had sent those tweets, but it was for the court to decide whether they are to be judged “grossly offensive” by “any reasonable member of society”.

Perkins sent a total of three tweets towards Grealish, with one including a headstone of Keelan. The text read: “He may have scored but will never bring his dead brother back and that brings me more satisfaction than anything else ever could.”

The second read: “Grealish went down quicker than his brother got lowered into the grave.”

Finally, the third said: “Where’s your brother gone? Come on!”

The student admitted to drinking nine pints, starting at 7am, on the day of the midday kick off.

We approached Alfie for comment and he stated: “I don’t have anything to say.”

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