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A new zero waste store will open in Walkden town centre stocking plastic free, eco-friendly, vegan products.  

Fay Watts, 33, is currently working as a primary school teacher and has lived in Salford all her life. She will open The Dispensary with her husband and family in mid-November at Unit 106, Upper Egerton, Walkden Town Centre, Walkden, M28 3ZH 

The store will be the first of its kind in Salford.

Fay explained that she was tired of having to travel to places like Chorlton and Didsbury to do her own zero waste shopping.  

She said: “I just thought: ‘You know what, I’m just going to have to take matters into my own hands and just give it a go.’” 


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Initially, the store will stock household and beauty products, but Fay hopes to introduce food items later.   

She said: “We will be stocking things like all eco-friendly cleaning products, so washing up liquid, fabric conditioners, handwash, detergents, everything like that.  

“Then the bathroom is the main area where we’ve got a lot of products, so shampoo and conditioner bars, body wash, I’ve also got a contact for toner and micellar water.” 

The store will also feature candles, eco-friendly period products and other products from local businesses, such as, Salford RoastersTeak Teas, Shoreline Shaving, The Orange Bib Company, Sparrow Road Handmade and Doris Little Boots 

some of the bags that will be sold at the Dispensary

Fay said: “I want this shop to be a community place where there’s no judging and anyone who uses whatever amount of plastic can come in and think: ‘Oh I’ll just pick up a bamboo toothbrush.’ And then that’s just the start of it.” 

Zero waste stores offer the opportunity for people to purchase products without plastic packaging by reusing their own containers. 

Research conducted by revealed that packaging accounts for just over 40% of plastic usage and 50% of plastic is single use. 



To help people get started, The Dispensary will also stock reusable containers, bottles and bags.

Fay added: “I don’t know everything; I learn new things every day.”

“I think sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming for people. I think some people don’t want to try it because they won’t be able to do it perfectly, but I don’t think there’s really any such thing, anyone who says they’re doing it perfectly, I think they’re lying.”

For more information about The Dispensary visit the website and follow them on Instagram. 

All image credit: Fay Watts


  1. Lorraine kirkham

    This is fantastic news I think we should have shopping bags like that. I wish there was one of these shop opening near me 😊

  2. Michelle barker

    Great news , I will be using this .

  3. Paul phillips

    I have been using empty glass spirit bottles for water. Rinse em out fill from taps refrigerate. I reckon I’ve saved about 40 bottles. I also use glass bottles for milk delivery and fruit juice.

  4. This is a well thought out and eagerly anticipated idea- I will be going out of my way to visit, so it’s success may expand closer to me. My only reservation will be costs, even though I am quite happy to pay a bit more to reduce my plastic waste in particular. Looking forward to being educated.

  5. Well done Fay and Ed you’re doing a great thing sure it will grow

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