A Salford health organisation is spreading awareness of the risks of high cholesterol as part of National Cholesterol month.

Salford Clinical commissioning group fears that many Salford residents are not aware of how they can keep their cholesterol levels low, and the effects that high cholesterol can have on their body.

Christopher Allen, head of healthcare at Heart UK, said: “The important thing to remember is that for most people there are no signs of high cholesterol until it is too late.

“The sooner we treat high cholesterol, the better the chances of preventing heart attacks, strokes and vascular dementia.”

The British Heart Foundation warn that 380 people will die from a circulatory or heart disease every day in England, with 100 of those being under 75 years old.



To combat the issues surrounding high cholesterol, Heart UK have organised the Great Cholesterol Climb where participants can take part in virtual climbs in gyms.

With the goal being to climb a total of 13,177 steps, which is equivalent of scaling ten of Britain’s tallest buildings.

The virtual climb can be completed wherever the participants feel most comfortable.

Throughout October, participants can sign up and raise money through sponsors, which all goes towards to supporting Heart UK.

To best prevent against high cholesterol levels, Heart UK suggests “leading an active lifestyle and eating a healthy, balanced diet.”

Those who take part are entered into a leaderboard and if they meet the £150 sponsorship target, they will be entered into a prize draw.

Christopher explained: “As a small charity, every penny we raise is valuable in helping us to run essential services like our cholesterol Helpline.

“The Great Cholesterol Climb was created to help encourage people to become more active and is one of the many ways that people can help support the work we do.”

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