As the December general election looms large over the horizon, lets take a look at who’s been announced as candidates across the Salford constituencies.

Salford & Eccles

Labour Party candidate: Rebecca Long Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

Rebecca Long Bailey MP has represented the constituency of Salford & Eccles since the 2015 General Election. She also sits on Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

As of the last election in 2017, Labour holds a 40.2% majority in Salford & Eccles.

In a campaign video, Long Bailey said: “Let’s build the future of our communities by the many, for the many”.

Liberal Democrat Candidate: Jake Overend

Jake Overend, Lib Dem candidate for Salford & Eccles

Jake is a former student of the University of Salford, and said:

“Salford has been my home since I started university here, so I am thrilled to be able to offer people here a real, Liberal alternative, as well as giving people the option of voting for a party that unequivocally wants to stop Brexit.”



Green Party Salford candidate: Bryan Blears

Bryan Blears, Green party candidate

Bryan is the nephew of former Labour MP Hazel Blears. He says that he’s “been meeting with communities across Salford who aren’t happy with the direction our city is travelling in”.





Brexit Party candidate: Matt Mickler

Mickler has worked “on and off in sales and more recently recruitment” for the last 15 years. He says: “I’d welcome the opportunity to represent the people of Salford and Eccles who I know have a long and proud tradition of being a close knit community with strong family ties”

The Conservative party has yet to announce any candidates.

We will update when more information is released

Worsley & Eccles South

Labour Party: Barbara Keeley

Barbara was first elected in 2005, representing Worsley, and has held the seat ever since. At the last election,

Liberal Democrat candidate: Joe Johnson-Tod

Joe Johnson-Tod, Lib Dem candidate for Worsley & Eccles South

19-year-old Salford University student Joe said:

“I am very happy to have been selected to fight for Worsley and Eccles South in one of the most important elections in recent history”.
Green Party candidate: Daniel Towers

Towers said: “I’m proud to be standing in Worsley. The Green Party in Salford has grown.”

The Conservative party has yet to announce any candidates.

We will update when more information is released

Blackly and Broughton

Labour candidate: Not formally announced, although the former standing MP, Graham Stringer, had held the seat in one form or another since 1997 and won the last general election with a majority of 48%.

Liberal Democrats: Iain Donaldson
No formal statement aside from confirmation of standing.

Green Party: David Jones

An Environmental scientist, David helped to write the Green party’s current energy policy.

The Conservative party has yet to announce any candidates, as has the Brexit party.

We will update when more information is released.

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