The No Names will be performing at Malaga Drift, Eccles on Saturday 16th  from 9:00-11:00 pm

Performing in their first live gig and presented by The Music Shed, The No Names offer a variety of different genres in their musical performance, meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The No Names were born of a need from local musicians to engage and perform within their community. The band performs music from pop to rock to jazz and to blues and have built up a reputation within Salford of putting on a fabulous gig due to their confidence and passion.

The band itself has featured on local radio and several music events in Salford.

Made up of lead singer Simon Wild, the talented ‘Geoffs’ on guitar and lead guitar, Chris Griffiths on bass and Rachael Mcnally on drums The No Names put on a true show of talent.

Tickets are on sale for £5.00.

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