Salford owned Clinical commissioning group announced the free health check for people at risk of lung cancer.

Thousands of people living in Salford are encouraged to have free lung health MOT check following recent approved funding for the citywide health check service by The NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group.

The commissioning group CCG who decides how to spend the NHS budget on the majority of health services is carrying out the lung health check assessment from Walkden Gateway before being rolled out to other part of the city.

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according to CCG spokesperson,the assessment is aimed at increasing the amount of cancer diagnosis in phase one. Therefore reducing the amount of deaths from cancer in Salford.

Dr Steve Elliot, Salford CCG Clinical Lead for cancer said: “This is great news for Salford as evidence from pilots in Liverpool and north Manchester suggest that the checks will greatly benefit the health of the community and that 70 lives could be saved.

“Around one in six people smoke in the city so, as well as the checks. There will be more support available to help people between the ages of 55 and 74 to quit smoking, therefore decreasing their chances of being diagnosed with a lung disease.”



According to the NHS report, Lung cancer is one of the most common and serious types of cancer. Around 47,000 people are diagnosed with the condition every year in the UK.
Smoking said to be the most common cause (accounting for about 72% of cases). This is because smoking involves regularly inhaling a number of different toxic substances, according to Cancer research UK website.

It is gathered that people with the condition developed symptoms like persistent cough, unexplained tiredness, aching when breathing, etc.

Salford residence age 55 to 74 among 270,000 people register with a GP in Salford who smoke or have smoked in the past will be sent a letter from their GP inviting them to book appointment for a check.

The appointments will include spirometry check and stop smoking advice and support. Salford City Council’s health improvement services will also be available to offer stop smoking and other health advice.

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