The Salford Community Leisure has started a programme, welcoming daily health walks to the public, in the local area.

Beginning in early October, Salford has welcomed the walking for health scheme into nearby areas.

Organised by experienced volunteers Jo and Kirsty, these walks are open to the public and take place every day.

With walks just lasting over an hour, these dedicated walkers are welcomed into a sociable and relaxed atmosphere whilst taking in some of Salford’s prettiest sights.

After this project made its debut 14 years ago, the Walking for Health scheme now takes place nationwide with over 360 active walking schemes.

Walking has been scientifically proved to see significant and drastic improvements in both mental and physical wellbeing, especially within the older generations.

According to the Salford Mental Wellbeing Strategy of 2011-2015 “The rate of having some anxiety or depression increases with age, that people over 40 have higher rates than people aged 16-24.”


Graphs showing a mental health disorder increase. Copyright to Sofia Tavini. Statistics found from MHFA and MHN key facts and trends.

“Older people experience poorer mental wellbeing than young people.”

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Reported by GOV.UK a trend has shown that in the years of 2017/2018, the obesity rate has increased in Salford to 66.2%, more than the England average of 62%.

A walk leader and local GP, George Winder, of Oakwood Lane Medical practise in Leeds, describes the walks as “A phenomenal thing that’s available as a resource to our community…”

“From a GP perspective, we can see the improvement to the individual and the difference it makes in their day-to-day lives – but also the change in culture in this GP practice and the community about how people can stay healthy, well and happy without medicine.”

The Salford Community Leisure is not the only contender for health walks.

Another established and charitable organisation, The Salford and Manchester Ramblers, has also recognised to be popular amongst the Mancunians, as both initiatives have gained heavy praise from various schemes including Dementia support and the Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett.

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