As the General election on the 12th of December is getting closer, the MP candidates is getting announced. Yesterday, the candidates for Salford and Eccles got announced.

Salford and Eccles are traditionally a very safe Labour seat. In the last three elections, Labour have won all of them. Labour have also increased their majority for each election.

Even though Salford and Eccles voted for leave in 2016, it still looks likely that Labour will keep their majority, with winning the 2017 election with over 19 000 votes.

The 2017 result. Credit: Democratic Dashboard


This is the confirmed list of candidates for Salford and Eccles:

Rebecca Long Bailey

Labour look to continue to represent Salford and Eccles with Rebecca Long-Bailey being the candidate. She is currently the MP for Salford, having won in 2015 and in 2017. Ms. Long-Bailey is looked as a potentially next leader for the party.

Bryan Blears

Bryan Blears is hoping to gain an upswing with the rise of the climate debate. The nephew of the former Labour MP Hazel Blears hopes to go in his footprints, even though he represents the Green Party.

Attika Choudhary

Attika Choudhary is the new candidate for the conservatives in the Salford and Eccles area. The former candidate for the Conservatives was Jason Sugarman. The former BBC journalist has previously stood for election in the Rushmoor local election, both in 2016 and in 2018. Conservatives was the second biggest party in 2017 and is hoping to generate votes from the fact that Salford and Eccles voted leave in 2016.

Jake Overend

The former student of the University of Salford, Jake Overend, is the new candidate for the Liberal Democrats. In his statement to the voters, he pledges to clear the streets of Langworthy and ensure their voice is heard.

Matt Mickler

The newly formed Brexit party send Matt Mickler as their candidate. On his Facebook page, he tells that he wants to bring jobs back to the area and invest more into education. The Brexit party is looking to take advantage of the result of the Brexit vote in 2016, with the result being leave.

The EU referendum results in 2016 Credit: Democratic Dashboard

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