Salford-based musician Sam Holmes, who regularly goes by his moniker ‘Voyager’, is releasing his highly anticipated EP ‘Modern Romance.’

Off the back of tracks like ‘Perfume’ and ‘She’s so dramatic’ Voyager ties his last EP before his album together with the fourth and final track.

He said: “This is my fourth EP, I’m so proud of it, cause it represents how far I’ve come along as a musican.”

We’ve had a little taste of the track ‘Modern Romance’ on twitter. @VOYAGERsongs has been teasing his fans on social media with a sneak peek of lyrics. One fan wrote on twitter “Literally can’t wait???. ”

voyager 'modern romance' EP
Lyric teaser from @VOYAGERsongs on twitter.
voyager 'modern romance' EP
Image credit: Duncan Thompson.

Speaking about Perfume, Voyager’s second song from the EP and my personal favourite, he said: “A lot of lyrics they just come to me, but I had to really sit down and knuckle down and properly think about this one.

“There was a lot of subtexts laced within the lyrics, so yeah I’m really proud of Perfume.”

His musical influences include The1975. He said: “They’re touching on all bases and it’s also their philosophy on pop music I agree with very much and how genres are very much non-existent.”

The music video for ‘Perfume’ premiered on August 30th. You can check it out below.

Sam announced the EP release date on October 31 in a tweet to his fans.

Talking with Voyager reflected on how he’s evolved both musically along with the producing sides of music. Discussing the EP process, Sam said: “In this EP you can really hear track by track that progression.”

Voyager’s full interview is below!

‘Modern Romance’ will be released on November 21 on all platforms.




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