A care facility for local veterans are currently holding a fundraising campaign to raise money for ex-servicemen and women from the Salford area.

Broughton House will be selling Broughton House Blazer pin badges through November and the christmas period, continuing on from this past Remembrance Day: selling specialist symbols to raise money for the running of Broughton House.

Laura Carr, one of the lead charitable co-ordinators for the Pin Badge campaign expressed her gratitude for the generosity often shown towards the fundraiser so far. Miss Carr said that “Fundraising for Broughton House is crucial, without it we wouldn’t have been able to provide care to thousands of Veterans for over 103 years!”

At the moment, Broughton House is planning a £15 million project to build the UK’s first Veteran Care Village, in order to provide the complete holistic services required by Veterans and their families on one dedicated site in Salford, Greater Manchester.

With £86.50 of a £500 set target raised so far for the current effort, Miss Carr remains hopeful: “Donations are pivotal during this time of redevelopment and although we have secured some of the funds needed for this project we are looking to find the remaining £5 million needed.”

Broughton House is described as the “Home of Salford and Greater Manchester’s Veterans, providing care to the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy in the North West of England”.

Unlike other charities, Broughton House and others like ‘Help for Heroes’ receive minimal to no government funding and depend entirely on charity and donations to continue operations.

If you wish to support ‘Broughton House’ and their ongoing and upcoming fundraisers. you can visit their official fundraising page for more information.

If you’d like to buy one follow the link and email Laura Laura.Carr@broughtonhouse.com with the postal details https://t.co/pD7R4UFkQS pic.twitter.com/VkIFs5chrc

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