With the General Election fast approaching, there has been a surge in the number of voting applications being submitted by under 25’s.

A study from YouGov states how Labour is currently leading the youth vote with a 13 percent advantage since the start of October. It has increased from 38% to 51%.

Credit: YouGov


The People’s Vote UK said that over 1 Million people have registered to vote in the last few weeks. This shows that a lot of young people are taking interest in the future of their government.

People have taken to social media to express their opinions on young people voting.

We spoke to a student in Salford about why he votes Labour: “Labour are the party of the people. As a student, it makes no sense to vote for the Tories. As a student from a working-class background and from a town that has been harmed by Tory cuts. I’m never going to vote anything else.”

In Eccles, there was a mixed views on the upcoming election.

Credit: Daisy Herman

However, there is a still a large number of people who are not registered to vote and do not understand the General Election enough to make an informed decision.


Credit: Daisy Herman

There is four days left to register to vote with the General Election less than three weeks away.

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