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Salford’s Seven Bro7hers Brewery has announced it’s involvement in this years Brewgooder Global Gathering Campaign. Their aim is to bring 500 breweries together worldwide and raise money to support people living in water poverty.

This will be the first time Salford-based Seven Bro7hers will have participated in the event, and support is growing fast.

Alison Watson, head of marketing at Seven Bro7hers, said: “As of this week, which is the second week of the campaign to build it up to 500, there are around 150 breweries now across the world that are now signed up to it and will aim to help 100,000 people in water poverty.”

Seven Bro7hers believe that they and companies like them are in a unique position that allows them to act as a voice for good causes.

Ms Watson said: “We try our very best as a manufacturer to look at our responsibility and the new global issues that there are. So, it’s not just as simple anymore as thinking ‘oh well, we won’t use ad much plastic’, or ‘we’ll try and recycle things’.

“We’ve got to take a little bit more of an interest in not just our immediate community, but also the global community and the new global issues as well. So, we look at different areas of our business and see where we can do that and use our power through social media and our voice to be able to highlight those areas as well.

seven brothers brewery
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“Sometimes, we’re quite a distance from things like this I think. Because of social media, because of the news, it’s almost like its not a reality. When you’re watching it, with it being so far away from you, it’s so easy to take it for granted, isn’t it? And I think that once you actually become a part of something like this that’s going to be us coming together globally, it does make you realise how powerful we can be together just doing something that seems so simple but can impact so many people’s lives”

“Although we’re just a small part of the brewing industry, as are thousands of other brewers across world, together we can really come together and be really powerful and put the message out there that together we can be stronger.”

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Brewgooder is a Scotland-based brewer that has been using beer to combat water poverty since 2016, when they first opened. Since then, Brewgooder have impacted the lives of almost 40,000 people by giving them access to clean water.

As part of campaign, Seven Bro7hers will be releasing a new beer early next year. Ms Watson said: “Our intention will be to brew a new beer, specifically for this in January, February time, and we’ll work on our own campaign to sell it and raise money and awareness.”

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