A Salford personal trainer is giving Mum’s a chance to get back in shape with ‘Mum and baby exercises classes’.

The sessions are run by ‘Mum’s the Word Fitness’ and aim to get mums exercising again after childbirth.

Emma Whiteley, who runs the sessions, is hoping to help new mothers relieve stress and balance their hectic maternal schedules.

“The idea behind the class is that the Mum’s can work at the pace and the level of exercise that’s right for them.

“We work in a circuit and that way they can tailor their own pace and they always work with somebody else, so it’s very social.

“No one needs to workout on their own, it’s not fun.”

Emma also said she focuses on helping women rebuild their bodies and feel confident having had a baby.

“We’ll work on our core, and restoring our core because that’s very important post-natally.

“Women after pregnancy often lose a lot of their balance so we work on strengthening their hips.

“For some Mum’s it’s about losing their baby weight, but we don’t focus on that, we try to keep it healthy, just about toning up and improving their fitness.”

The classes take place every Wednesday in Eccles, and every Friday morning in Monton.

Alongside the Mum and baby training sessions, ‘Mum’s the Word’ also offer personal training sessions, a beginners running club and a weekly running club.

Emma Whiteley experienced first-hand how stressful it can be to balance a busy work life with a hectic family schedule; this then became the main driving force behind starting ‘Mum’s the Word.’

She said: “I took the plunge and founded it after seeing how much exercise helped me to feel slightly more balanced and juggle my own work and family life.

“My aim is to give you the community and and coaching that you need to feel inspired and supported to exercise and feel healthier and better about yourself.”

Emma says the ‘Mum’s The Word Fitness’ community has more than 70 members, whom she says are all managing their busy schedules.

Anyone looking to get involved can find more information here.

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