A Salford organisation have released a new collection of dementia friendly creative boxes inspired by the Bridgewater Canal.

The boxes are being loaned by Est. 1761, a project that began in 2014 after Salford City Council secured heritage funding to regenerate the Bridgewater Canal.

Kate Charnock, Bridgewater Learning Officer, hopes that the creative boxes can inspire people to interact with the canal in different ways.

She said: “We have three boxes and they’re all inspired by the Bridgewater Canal. The idea is that people can do the activities in group and do things out on the canal if they want a trip out.”

The boxes are all dementia friendly and are created for older people’s groups in Salford.

Kate said: “Anyone could use these boxes and get a lot of pleasure out of doing the activities. It is just important to go that extra mile to ensure that is someone does have dementia they can access the boxes.”

Est. 1761 worked collaboratively with Memories Matter, a respected dementia friendly programme ran by Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

Kate added: “I knew they had started to develop creative boxes and I thought that would be perfect for the Bridgewater Canal.

“I worked alongside them and they helped me develop the boxes.”

The three boxes have been designed by Claire Ford, who specialises in art and dementia.

To produce the boxes, she took inspiration from the colours, sounds, buildings and spaces around Bridgewater Canal. This resulted in the production of three individual boxes, looking at the architecture, canal life and habitats in the area.

Kate explained: “They are creative boxes, inspired by the canal, that are full of activities that people can get creative with. There are things like printings, games and artwork. The idea is that groups will take the boxes out and complete the activities in a group situation.”

Est. 1761 also offer online advice on how to use the boxes effectively and provides activity ideas for groups.

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