University of Salford students have been fundraising for Greater Manchester charity Speed of Sight, which offers karting experiences to visually impaired people.

The Salford Business School students held a charity auction at the Lady Hale building on campus yesterday afternoon.

Olivia Mason, one of the students organising the event, explained why they chose Speed of Sight to be their beneficiary; “We liked the idea behind the charity because they are helping people who have been told all their lives they can’t follow the dreams.

“The charity don’t get much support and they really need this extra funding.”

The students hard work was praised by charity co-founders Mike Newman and John Galloway in 2012, though their friendship spans back to the early noughties.

John explained: “When I first met Mike, he was a very shy and retiring person because for many years he believed his visual impairment was preventing him from doing a lot of things, including things with normal vision take for granted”

“The charity was set up after years of Mike accomplishing what he wanted to do more than anything – racing car driving.”

Since Mike first got behind the wheel in 2001, he’s bagged himself an impressive 8 Guinness Word Records.

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Mike couldn’t be more proud of where he is today, and at the event gave his advice to anyone, disabled or not, who feels they can’t follow their dreams; “Everybody has dreams and aspirations.

“There are a lot of people who will tell you what you can’t do and there will be a few people who will help you do what you can do”

“Ignore the can’t do’s and follow the can do’s.”

Following the auction, which saw everything from paint balling tickets to a Manchester United shirt signed by the Class of ‘92 to under the hammer, students totaled up the amount raised to £602.33.

Total money raised for Speed of Sound.

Speed of Sight are always looking for the next person they can work with to achieve their dreams; “Ultimately, it’s down to building confidence to be able to do anything you want. Our clients realise if they can drive our buggies, they can do anything” John added.

Full details can be found on the Speed of Sight website.


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