Supermarket staff helped one customer home after taxis left them stranded.

When staff at Aldi in Swinton saw that one customer was struggling to make her way home, they offered to help.

Janet Owen works with Age UK in Salford and helps the elderly, disabled and those who need assistance on a regular basis.

She helps her clients with everyday task like cleaning and shopping, that may be a struggle for them.

Due to the heavy rain and a shortage of taxi’s, Janet found that herself and her client were struggling to get home from their shopping trip.

The staff noticed Janet struggling and decided to assist her and drove Janet and her client back to her home.

Speaking of the action taken by the staff, Janet expressed her gratitude, saying: “When ALDI did that, it restored my faith in humanity just that little bit”.

Age UK, who has recently launched a campaign titled “No one should have no one to turn to” has shone a light on how winter can be tough for older people, especially those who are lonely.

The ALDI supermarket in Swinton, where Janet and her client were shopping.

Their research discovered that over 750,000 older widowed people, feel more lonely over the Christmas and winter period. The survey then went on to highlight that over 200,000 older widows and widowers will not look forward to the festive season, due to feeling lonely.

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If you feel an older relative or neighbour is in need of help, visit Age Uk’s website for more information and help.

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