Oldham band Dirty Laces are set to play the iconic Salford Lads Club on December 7 in what is thought to be a flagship moment for the ’60s – ’70s inspired rock and roll outfit.

The iconic venue will also feature support from Cleargreen and Bines and is set to be a landmark achievement for the young band.

The Laces have been making some large waves in the sea of musical talent that Manchester has to offer, and they aren’t going unnoticed.

Last year, Pete Doherty invited them to support him at his gig at Northwich Plaza and at The O2 Ritz in Manchester.

More recently, the band held a sell out home-coming gig at Gorilla, with Clint Boon and another rapidly rising local band, The Lathums, supporting them.

They also played at Kendal Calling and Neighbourhood festival this year, sparking further interest.

Charlie Jordan, the charismatic front man of the band, said: “We’re bringing the stage show back to music.”

When asked about their reasons behind playing Salford Lads Club, he said: “It’s an iconic venue, that’s why we’re playing there and also why we filmed our video there. Of course it’s related to The Smiths – one of our favourite bands and its a big part of the old Manchester scene and we’re trying to create a new Manchester scene.”

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The band have also made strides in promoting themselves in their immediate local community, as their band logo is adorned on the football kits of their local team, South Chadderton FC.

With so much diversity in the Manchester music scene, it can sometimes be hard to find something that stands out from the rest, but that is something that these boys are certainly talented at.

With more festivals set to be announced in the coming weeks and months as the lineups are revealed for next summer, don’t be surprised if the ‘Laces’ names pop up and their instantly recognisable tones are heard on your radio.

Tickets for the Salford Lads Club gig can be bought here

(Photo credit Trust a Fox)


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