Salford’s newest work space, Deskription, is a facility in Swinton where people can use a work station whenever it suits them.

People can use the work stations for as little as 10 hours a month with 24/7 access depending on which bundle they opt for.

Janet spoke to Salford Now about the Swinton work station.

She said: “I became aware of the popularity of shared work spaces a couple of years ago. Two of my children set up a company and use shared work spaces in Manchester, and that is absolutely fantastic. But it’s not fantastic when you don’t actually live there and have to make your way into Manchester.

“I live in Cumbria, and I have to travel down to Manchester most days. I can sit in traffic for an hour, an hour and a half and it’s absolutely crazy and it’s getting worse!

“A few weeks ago I was on the A580, which is the main road into Manchester from the Liverpool direction, and Transport For Greater Manchester have a digital display board there, and the advice on that display board was ‘Leave Home Before 6am To Avoid The Rush Hour.

“If that’s the state we’ve now got into, then people need to be looking for other solutions.

“It allows people do drop off into that space, with free parking, free coffee, free croissants, and they can just stay there for an hour, two hours and let the traffic die down.

She added: “If they really need to travel into Manchester then they can go when the traffic is not too bad.”

Janet makes a point of the vast amounts of free parking, fresh coffee, and breakfast croissants en masse.

Image credit: Neil Burnett

She was also quick to point out that it is not just those in full time work who are welcome to utilise the space.

She said: “We are particularly open to parents who want to be able to do school drop offs, want to go to school plays, they want to be at the school gates when school finishes.

“They don’t have to commit to being here every single day so that’s another group of people who would find this way of working very flexible.

“Childcare is very expensive. And a lot of people are actually working from home, which is great, but it can be very distracting and very isolating,” Janet added.

Even though it is not officially being launched until the 18th January 2020, the space has been available since the end of October as a free trial to people.

You can listen to the full interview with Janet here:

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