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A former Salford University student, James Bradley, who goes by the professional name James Noir, has landed his debut role in an American docu-drama.

The Salford graduate starred in ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of…’ a program that investigates the sudden deaths of celebrities.

Bradley, 24, played a young Gregg Allman, singer and songwriter of The Allman Brothers Band, who rose to fame in the early 70’s.

The show is produced by ITV Studios and focuses on a different celebrity each episode, with the likes of Carrie Fisher, Johnny Cash and David Bowie.

The programme, which premiered on American channel ‘Reelz’ on Sunday, was the actor’s first big role since graduating from the University of Salford in July 2019.

Whilst acting professionally he was studying Theatre and Performance Practice at University of Salford.

James used his time at university to meet other like-minded creatives, he explained: “I treated university as if it was a networking event because I met a lot of aspiring creatives here like filmmakers, photographers even actors. Some of them I am still in contact with now”.

James Noir playing Gregg Allman

Bradley, who is originally from Birmingham, found his passion for acting at a young age.

He explained: “It started when I was really young, and I went to see Jack and The Bean Stalk in pantomime.

“The one thing that stuck out to me was how they were using this animatronic giant, it really petrified me.

“It made me think ‘wow this can actually have an effect on someone’ so I want to be on that stage and do that”.

Bradley now goes by the professional name of James Noir and began acting professionally at 16 in scare mazes and haunted house attractions.

Since then he has moved on to TV acting and independent films.

James explained how the interview process was very last minute: “My agent put me forward for the show, which I was actually aware of because I really enjoyed watching it.

“I got a call from ITV saying that I had an audition the next day, but I was in Manchester at the time.

“So I had to figure out a way to find out who Gregg Allman was because I didn’t really know a lot about him and then I had to get to London for the audition”.

The role was James biggest so far and it held a lot of pressure as he had to act like an actual person, he explained: “The autopsy episode was the biggest thing I’ve done.

“There was a lot of pressure playing the role because as an actor you have a lot of responsibility especially when you’re playing a person who has lived rather than a fictional character.

“In a way, I felt like I was holding his legacy because the one thing I was worried about is upsetting his fans as he does have a massive following especially in America”.

The actor has also had roles in Doctors, Constriction Is a Scar and is currently filming feature film, Rise of the Mummy where he plays Jack.

Image credit: Courtesy James Bradley

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