St Ann’s Hospice is teaming up with JustHelping charities to help raise money by offering locals the chance to recycle their Christmas trees for just a small donation.

For the past five years, St Ann’s Hospice have offered a hassle-free way for locals to dispose of their Christmas tree by responsibly recycling them, with volunteers to help do so growing each year.

‘’We have a large number of volunteers, from the scouts and other local individuals who help to deliver leaflets, through to people and businesses that help to collect the trees,’’ tells JustHelping’s Chief Executive, Claire Hinton. ‘’We had approximately 80 volunteers helping to collect trees last year and many more leafleting so we probably have in the region of 200 volunteers.’’

‘’Every year it’s gets bigger and their [JustHelping’s] volunteers are so committed to raising as much money as possible and other local causes,’’ tells Eamonn O’Neal, Chief Executive of St Ann’s Hospice.

With a goal of 3000 trees this year, the charities add a new postcode in order to expand the collection, with Salford postcodes such as M21 and M22 eligible.

Infographic displaying ratio of fake to real Christmas trees in households.

With 75% of people resorting to a fake Christmas tree around Christmastime, the event allows people to have a real Christmas tree without the typical hassle that comes along with it.

With the idea of the event focusing on the needs of local residents, it’s clear to see why they want to give back this Christmastime.

‘’Christmas tree recycling appealed to us because it makes it so much easier for people to have a real tree, they don’t have the hassle of getting rid of it themselves and know it’s going to be responsibly recycled.


‘’Even though the local council may collect used real Christmas trees for free, it doesn’t discourage people from registering their tree and making a donation.’’

“We used to do Christmas tree recycling ourselves but it makes a huge difference to have an organisation like JustHelping manage everything and can’t thank them enough for offering to run the scheme for us.

We [St Ann’s Hospice] only receive a third of funding from the NHS, which means they have to raise £20,000 every day to be able to continue to care for local residents with life-limitin illnesses. The support of organisations of JustHelping, and their amazing volunteers, enables us to make a real difference to the lives of our patients and their families and carers.’’

The money raised goes to help support patients and their families, whilst also developing resources and services to ensure that any type of patient receives the highest standard of care.

However, the Christmas Tree Recycling project doesn’t just benefit St Ann’s Hospice, with 20% of donations going towards other charities that are chosen by volunteers.

Image Credit: JustHelping

Mr O’Neal said, ‘’Other charities and organisations that received a donation last year included Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, The Christie, Francis House, Chelwood Food Bank, Manchester Children’s Hospital, Seashell Trust, Beechwood Cancer Care and Heaton’s Scouts.’’

‘’Even though the local council may collect used real Christmas trees for free, it doesn’t discourage people from registering their tree and making a donation.’’

People can get involved in the project via contact form on the JustHelping website, with many ways to help, whether it be dropping off leaflets to local homes or registering your tree and making a donation, every little helps.

Local Salford resident, Jack Gerrard, explains how he would be open to donating in order to recycle his own Christmas tree.

You can register your tree at and make a voluntary donation until 5th January 2020.



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