A charity in Salford is helping recovering drug and alcohol addicts to integrate themselves back into society through a furniture upcycling programme.

THOMAS delivers a range of holistic recovery focused services, which take people from within prison or hospital, through detox and residential rehabilitation into community based provision.

Wayne Fernandez said: “To tell the truth, if I hadn’t of got into THOMAS, I would’ve been dead end of this year or the beginning of next year”.

Through their Social Enterprise Programme in Swinton, volunteers and recovering addicts work together to learn vital employability skills, to give them the best chance of succeeding in their new life.

In Salford, THOMAS operate a Residential Rehabilitation project for both men and women. Jean Thompson is the Social Enterprise Manager.

Jeans believes that medication isn’t always the best approach for recovering addicts: “If somebody is on prescription, they are still in an altered state because they are relying on something that’s going to get them through the day.

The charity relies on donations to keep the social enterprise open.

“All we’re looking to do here is to keep the front door open, and to get people in to purchase the furniture, in order for us to do the good work that we do out the back door, which is the therapeutic work activity, providing structure, providing a focus, providing somewhere to go”.

To find out more, visit T.H.O.M.A.S

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  1. Absolutely love this ❤????

    As a product of T.H.O.M.A.S. going from being a drinking alcoholic, how had given up on life, suicidal & with no hope . . . . Entering WITTON BANK rehabilitation centre – graduating as a ABSTINANT alcoholic free from my torment, healthy, with an understanding of addiction & the 12 steps #MET (Motivational Enhanced Thinking)

    Into there 2nd stage program, were I was provided with accommodation with continuous support & structure. #HOD (Housing & Ongoing Development) Which I entered into the SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SCHEME 3 days a week. There I engaged with all aspects of furniture upcycling. Learning new skills & training. But more so I learned to retrain myself to be disciplined, punctual, reliable, organized. From regular interaction in the workplace it built my confidence, self esteem & social skills . . . Stuff I had lost in the isolation of addiction.

    12 months of volunteering with the social enterprise scheme, learning & growing. Coupled with my college courses in various fields & my all important mutual aid meetings got me to a position I’m in now of employment. I was at my lowest 5 yrs ago, signed off as UNEMPLOYABLE onto benefits through my alcoholism & poor mental . . . . Through T.H.O.M.A.S. & the entire organisation I was built back up to be a man again . . . a sober, upstanding, confident, proud man, father, family member & friend.

    I’m now 18 months sober, employed at T.H.O.M.A.S. in the SOCIAL ENTERPRISE in accrington ??? helping others in our scheme & projects. I thank all involved in my recovery & making me a very grateful, proud man & father again ????✌?


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