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Rebecca Long-Bailey has been reelected as Salford and Eccles MP but following a heavy Labour defeat and Jeremy Corbyn’s expected resignation, the Shadow Cabinet member has been mentioned as a potential Labour leader.

Ms Long-Bailey held her Labour seat with 28,755 votes.

However there are mixed views on Twitter about the prospect of her assuming the leadership of Labour.

Whereas other Twitter users have had a much more encouraging outlook on Ms Long Bailey’s possible leadership role.

@Liamkc1998 said “Rebecca Long Bailey on Sky News! I adore her! ❤️ Hopefully a contender for the next leader ?”

People are also hoping for a change in the Labour party, with a new female leader.

Mark Wareham wrote: “I hope Rebecca Long-Bailey stands for leader. She’s northern. Time for a female leader.”

Ann Kingstone tweeted: “Discussion about Labour succession. It’s Rebecca Long-Bailey for me. Excellent speaker, quick-thinking, strong leadership qualities. Has shone well in this campaign.”

However some opinions have not been so positive.

Christian Radnedge wrote: “Again Rebecca Long-Bailey blaming Brexit, not Labour’s position on it for the collapse in vote. Think if Labour had said something like ‘Look, Brexit has to happen, but we will do a soft deal that protects rights of citizens here & in EU’, their voters would’ve gone along with it.”

And some Twitter users do not think that Ms Long Bailey’s leadership would be so welcome.

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