The Salford Rum Company recently launched a new flavour, just in time for Christmas. 

The Salford Rum Company launched its new Dark Spiced Rum at the end of November, as an alternative to the already acclaimed original Spiced Rum.

Tommy Gaughan, of the Salford Rum Company, said that feedback on the new flavour has been great so far.

“It’s been really good. So, the new Dark Spiced is spiced with vanilla, burnt caramel, cloves and also banana as well. The feedback’s been great.

“It’s probably been about 50/50 which people prefer over the spiced rum, so it’s been great to have a product where people will definitely like one or the other. It’s been a massive help to us in terms of sales.”

The Salford Rum Company have managed to secure stockists in various bars around the city.

Tommy said: “We’re stocked in 20 bars. We’re in MaltDog in Monton in Eccles, we’re in the Monton Tap and the Northern Type on Church Street in Eccles, you can pick it up there. There’s also the Deli-Lama on Chapel Street. They’re the ones on top of my head, Salford-wise.”

If you’re after a full bottle of the new Dark Spiced rum, Tommy says that it is stocked in local and independent stores around Salford, including STORE on New Bailey Street. Bottles can also be bought in the Trafford Centre and Booths at MediaCityUK.

He added: “We like to stock to the local, independent stores and support the small businesses around Salford.”

The Salford Rum Comany currently has a number of recipes up on the website for their Spiced Rum, and there will be more cocktails combinations to come with the launch of the Dark Spiced rum.

Tommy said: “We’re working on some cocktails for Christmas, including a hot spiced apple rum, so think a mulled wine, nice and warm and full of spices. It works really well with the apple flavours. We’ll be launching on social media in the next couple of weeks.”



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