Extinction Rebellion protesters glued themselves to the BBC building in Media City today.

The protests have been taking place outside the BBC Quay House, where members of the environmental protest group demanded the BBC tell “the whole truth” about climate change.

Paddy Fraine, a member of XR Liverpool, said: “We are here to tell the BBC that their coverage is not fully truthful, it’s not fully honest and it’s not thorough enough.”

“We need to be relaying the truth that our society, our civilization is truly under threat.”

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Extinction Rebellion is a global environment movement, that uses non-violent and civil disobedience to encourage changes regarding the climate situation.

Fraine claims that the “inconsistent and  incomplete” coverage from the BBC prevents normal people from understanding the “extermination” of the environment.

He said: “We are here to tell the BBC that it needs to change its narrative, to start addressing the mass extinction, and I think even calling it a mass extinction is not fully true. It needs to be called an extermination.”

“It’s not that all these plants and animals are going extinct through things that aren’t controlled. they’re being exterminated and we need to change the narrative, to stop saying things like climate change and start saying climate emergency”.

Fraine alleged “misinformation” from the BBC, means that the public do not understand the realities of food supplies and mobilisation.

“The BBC is our governing media. It should be telling the people what is happening, it needs to be telling people that our food security is on the threat.

“The government does not a contingency plan on what happens if our food suppliers stop supplying to us. We import 80 per cent of our food and if the countries we import from stop selling to us then we have no plan.

“The science is clear… It says we need to make mobilisations that are similar to World War Two.

“We are in the s*** to put it bluntly.”

The group also accuse other media of selective reporting.

“It is not just the BBC. It’s a fault of many, many news outlets not taking this issue seriously.”

A spokesperson from the BBC said: “The BBC already covers many climate change and environmental issues across its output.

“Programmes like Blue Planet II and Climate Change: The Facts have had a huge impact on the public debate both in this country and around the world.

“We know how important these issues are to audiences and will continue to focus on them across both news and non-news programmes, whilst internally doing all we can to lead the way in promoting sustainability in the media industry.”

Image credit: Lauren Lomax and Ellie Shannon

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