Help group Gamecare have launched betting support workshops for problem gamblers, with an ambition of helping more woman than ever before.

The workshop, which whilst isn’t just for woman, is targeted at woman gamblers, who have found it difficult to admit to their gambling struggles and came to Eccles last week.

It is estimated that there are over 300,00 people in the UK with a gabmling problem, with most of them being men however the rapid rise of woman gabmling has led to Gamecare doing something about it.

Nadine Ashworth, a Gamecare employee is hosting the workshops and came to Eccled last week to help those needing support.

“There has been a massive increase in woman problem gamblers but we estimate only 1% of those actually contact the gambling helpline.

“Even taking into account the increase in calls, in our experience, women are far less likely to contact our helpline than men.”

Connotations of gambling are already seen as negative in the public eye however Nadine admits it’s even worse for woman, and hence they are so reluctant to admit to their problems.

“The perception is that problem gambling is mostly a ‘male issue’. There is also a feeling of shame that hold woman back from talking about the issue.



“Women are also negatively impacted by gambling related harm from someone else’s gambling such has harm to finances and relationships, mental health and wellbeing effects. Even despite this, they still don’t come forward.”

Despite the rise in female problem gamblers, it is still difficult for woman to admit to the problems and Gamecare have now launched these workshops that are aimed at woman specfially.

The workshop in Eccles, was the first in the North West, a region Gamecare have quickly identified as an area with female problem gamblers.

Nadine said: “The project is running because we have limited information of women and gambling. There is limited research which we intend to address.

“Nationally 24% of those in treatment were from the North-West region. One fifth are females who were gamblers or affected by someone else’s gambling but we are aware that there are more women out there not seeking support which the project hopes to change.

Image Credit: Nadine Ashworth

Nadine has quickly become the face of the project, with Gamecare focusing on helping not just men but now woman, as they look to help tackle and support people with gambling problems around the country.

The Eccle workshop was hosted by Nadine, who will host many more and she hopes the awarness will help more woman to come out and admit to their issues.

The Gamecare employee said: ” It gives me immense satisfaction to be actively raising awareness and to influence the services offered to women who require problem gambling support.

Nadine wants more woman to come out and seek help, with things such as these workshops developed and knows that gambling can quickly spiral out of control .

If you think that you may have a gambling problem or are effected by someone else’s gambling, then you should seek help straight away by contacting the national gambling helpline on 0808 8020133 or visit

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