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Today, a ban on new car sales of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars has come forward from 2040 to 2035.

Experts say that 2040 is too late to achieve the government’s target of virtually zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The policy was announced at the United Nations climate event in November and does not stop the use of all petrol, diesel and hybrid cars.

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Mark Reeves, 47, is the founder and owner of M60 Car Warehouse in Eccles. He said:

“In the short term, initially it won’t really have an effect.

“The main thing is that it puts pressure on car manufacturers to be fully electric by then.

“Currently the range of electric cars is fantastic. But if you go on a long journey you’ve really got to plan ahead, make sure you’re fully charged.”

Mr.Reeves also spoke about the effect the policy will have on his business:

“In terms of impacting the business we’ll have to move with the times.

“At the moment we’ve done a couple of hybrid vehicles, not fully electric.

“In terms of the fully electric side of things its not something we’re that familiar with.

“So its something that we need to become more familiar with…what to do the electric vehicles, what to lookout for, where and how to get them serviced.

“So there’ll be a learning curve for us in the business.

“Having a date into the future at which direction we’ll be going in is helpful.

“The announcement today really does make us all stop and think we need to be prepared for the future or we won’t be in the future.”

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