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Langworthy residents have reached their tipping point over the state of bins in their streets which have not been emptied for weeks.

Furious householders on Langworthy Road claim their bins have not been collected for nearly a month.

One resident, Sam Morris, has called the situation ‘ridiculous’ and wants action taken.

The 21-year-old claims Salford Council has “completely ignored” his complaints about the state of the area.

He said: “It’s just horrible. There is just no need for it. They shouldn’t be there and the council tax that people pay goes towards the bins being collected, so they should be done because people are paying for it.

“I emailed the council a few weeks ago, on their website they said they will get back within five days, but obviously they haven’t done. They have just completely ignored it.”

Video footage of Sam’s issues and concerns can be seen here:

Other residents agree with Sam.

Alexandra Sufaru said: “This has been a constant issue for over a year. They always get full before collection and the bin area overflows. We even had rats due to this in the property I live in.

“I was going to take it up with the council but heard the management of Roseland property complained and the council did nothing about it. If they don’t listen who can we go to?”

However, not everybody in the area believes the council is entirely to blame.

Resident Steven O’Connor said: “I’ve been a Salford resident for over 20 years and it’s never been this bad! I’m convinced it’s due to the mass influx of student and rental accommodation.

“There is blatant disregard that some people in the area have about chucking rubbish out that will clearly not be collected. It results in the area looking like a tip!”

Salford Council was contacted for a comment but has not so far responded.

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  1. Communal bins at Salisbury flats had not been emptied since before Christmas. They came today emptied the black bin bag bins today but left 20 black bin bags which residents had to leave at the side of the bins as there was nowhere else for residents to put them. The blue and brown bins have been full since before Christmas and stl have not been emptied.
    We pay fees for this service but we are not getting the service we pay for and are being threatened with fees being raised.
    Can someone tell me when we will get some actual service.

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