Salford Harriers & AC struck Gold and Silver at the North of England Cross-country Championships as they repeat their 2019 success.

Salford made their journey up to Camp Hill Estate in Kirklington, Bedale to take on one of the biggest amateur cross-country races of the year.

The running club arrived in hopes of repeating their recent 2019 success which saw an abundance of gold medals.

Race day commenced at 11.00 am and the U17 Salford women were the first to approach the start.

Their hands hovered over the start button of their watches, and their feet were pinned behind the sawdust start line.

Once the Referee stood away from the line and held the starting gun high up in the air, athletes got into their racing stance.

Hands gently hovered over the start button of their watches and their feet were pinned behind the sawdust start line.

It was the beginning of a victorious day for the reds of Greater Manchester.

After a competitive 4.7 kilometres Samantha Mason, Ty Brockley-Langford, Evie Collier and C Haywood-Percival all crossed the line as the reigning champions of 2020.

The girls won the championship for Salford with just 60 points ahead of their neighbour club, Sale Harriers & AC.

Finally, the last race of the day approached quickly at 15.05 pm and the senior men brought the day to a close.

Wrapping up the day, the men ran 12.6 kilometres on the marsh-like course.

Their smashing team consisted of runners, Christopher Richards, Callum Rowlinson, Elliot Palmer, Chris Livesey, Karl Darcy, and Carl Hardman.

The race showed another battle between Sale and Salford.

However, Sale snatched the team championship with a 28-point lead.

This left Salford with a silver team prize and a welcoming place on the podium.

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