WASPI Salford

The first ever Salford and Eccles Woman Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI Salford) launched last Saturday at Clifton Cricket club.

Over twenty people showed up to the meeting launched by Judith Robertson who has been involved in the official campaign since last September.

Issues regarding state pension age for women, the effect caused in Salford and Eccles, plus future events were all discussed at the meeting.

WASPI Salford

Judith was pleased with the event saying, “I’m very happy with how today has gone and how many people have found us through social media. We also had six people who cancelled due to other commitments.

“I’m pleased with the publicity we have got, we are also going to do an interview with Salford City radio.”

WASPI Salford

This issue has been a growing topic, especially in Manchester, “I went on a rally with my husband in Manchester and met other ladies last September.

“It was a big rally at Media City with a lot of people outside the BBC building and they ignored it.

“Also, there was a rally outside the conservative party conference, after that I looked into joining a group. There wasn’t one in Salford and Eccles.

“Other ladies contacted me from other areas as well. I found WASPI and agreed with them because they are asking for compensation.

“There was a ‘moving back to 66’ but I thought that wasn’t reasonable.”

WASPI Salford

Jane Norwood has been a mentor for Judith through the launch process and is also part of the WASPI group in Chorley.

The strong support in the area has been clear with Elaine, a member of the Salford and Eccles group saying, “I’ve had to work longer from 60-66 and I’ve paid into the system all my life. I know two people who have died before the pension age. We’ve contacted people to try and get bus passes and had no joy. Women have had a bad deal.”

Judith gave an update on her vision for the group. “Yea, I’m going to continue to run the group, I will continue to ask people if they are interested.

“We are planning to go to the plaque unveiling in Manchester in March.

“The plaque is to represent 50,000 women who died before they got their pension.

“I will ask if people are interested in going. International’s Woman’s Day is coming up, I will see what WASPI are planning and find out what I can do to get involved.”

The group is currently looking for venues to continue their meetings and anyone is still welcome to join including men supporting their partner’s.

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