Representatives from the Irwell River Catchment and Groundwork Greater Manchester attended the Greater Manchester Natural Capital Conference to further the cause of protecting Salford’s own River Irwell.

Groundwork Greater Manchester is a non-profit organisation working towards a more sustainable future in Greater Manchester, and it hosts the Irwell River Catchment is an organisation which aims to manage the water environment of the River Irwell.

Image Credits: David Dixon

The Irwell is 39 miles long and runs through Salford and Manchester. It is partly the reason for investments in the Salford area, causing residential developments in areas such as Salford Quays. In other areas, it is a popular hot spot for water sports and wildlife.

The River Irwell

The Irwell River Catchment’s objective is to maintain, protect and improve the natural features of the river, and both organisations have teamed up with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to further their 5 year environment plan.

Groundwork Greater Manchester representative, Paula Pearson stated “The Greater Manchester 5 year Environment Plan and mission based approach is a strong commitment to the natural environment which we hope will strengthen the work we do across the catchment.”

The plan outlines a long-term environmental vision, where everyone must adapt their lifestyles in the next 5 years to achieve the aim of being carbon neutral by 2038.

Ms. Pearson went on to say “Collaborations between local people, public, private and third sectors, such as the Irwell Catchment Partnership, are vital to tackling the environmental crisis facing our nation today.”

The Natural Capital Committee stated “Making the vision of a healthier environment a reality requires solid foundations: comprehensive, reliable data; strong governance and accountability; a robust delivery framework, and everyone to play a role.” 

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